Sekolah Gunung Merapi is proud to offer a wide range of interesting volunteer positions, each with its own unique opportunity to develop new transferable skills and valuable experience.

Our volunteer positions are open to a range of ages, nationalities and backgrounds, but are most popular with recent Indonesian graduates seeking to gain practical work experience and with other nationalities interested in learning more about rural Indonesian life.

Although most of our positions can be undertaken on a short or long term basis, we ask for a minimum commitment of around two weeks, which can be done either as one block or spread over one or more months. As most of our positions are project based, we find that two weeks is most efficient in order for our volunteers to be able complete a small project, however it is not uncommon for our volunteers to find themselves spending much more time with us than they initially planned! We are also very happy to accept long-term volunteers who could stay for an entire term with us which are usually around 4 months or more in length. At the end of the page, you can read about the type of volunteer vacancies that we have, and which might be most suitable for candidates dependent on their own experience and time commitment.

Unfortunately at the present time we are unable to offer free, long term, accommodation for our volunteers, although we do have facilities for volunteers who would like to stay for one or two nights. However if there are potential volunteers keen to stay long term in the area, for a modest fee it would be possible to find accommodation with a member of the local community or in a local home stay, which we can help to find, however this will likely be with very limited facilities.

A wide range of very comfortable accommodation can be found in the nearby buzzing city of Yogyakarta (45minutes from SGM) or Kaliurang (15minutes from SGM). Feel free to contact us for more information!

As we are a very small organisation, we are not yet able to provide meals for volunteers for every working day, but we endeavour to provide a wide range of local snacks and hot and cold drinks through the day, however we usually try to have a team meal out at least once or twice a month at a local restaurant.

For volunteers keen to develop their language skills, we can offer free informal language lessons in Indonesian, English or Javanese which are subject to the time availability of the teacher. We can also offer more intensive and formal tuition in any or these languages for a modest fee. In the past, our volunteers have used their placements as an opportunity to develop their Indonesian or English speaking skills, or in combination with preparation for IELTS, TOEFL and other formal English language examinations. Feel free to contact us for more information!


After reading and choosing a suitable position from the list below, interested parties should send a recent CV and brief cover letter explaining why you wish to volunteer with SGM, your availability and any relevant experience to [email protected]. We will then be in contact shortly to arrange a time for an informal chat via skype, or mutually convenient meeting time either at the school or somewhere in Yogyakarta city.



Suitable for candidates who have a limited time commitment (minimum 3 hours a week) or experience. Click on the red link for detailed description of the role.

  1. Assistant youth worker SGM youth worker job description June 2017
  2. Library assistant


Suitable for candidates who can commit to a minimum of 1 full day/two half days a week for an entire term (next term commences August-December 2017). Click on the red link for detailed description of the role.

  1. Creative education officer SGM creative education officer job description June 2017
  2. Environmental education officer SGM environmental education officer June 2017
  3. Library and literacy development officer SGM library and literacy development officer job description June 2017
  4. English/EFL teacher SGM english efl teacher job description june 2017
  5. /maths/science/other teacher
  6. Sustainable builder/architect