Environmental education

Learning to understand and appreciate nature: at Sekolah Gunung Merapi we teach and reinforce awareness of natural process and environmental friendliness through talks, games, workshops, wildlife walks and arts and crafts.

Indonesia is home to some of the most diverse natural environments in the world, and yet has one of the worst environmental records, is one of the world’s largest plastic waste polluters and most rapidly degrading natural environments. To have any hope of preserving these environments and tackling climate change, we need to radically improve and increase the way in which we educate the next generation about the environment and sustainability.


  • we hold regular interactive workshops and talks to raise awareness and promote discussion about environmental issues
  • create and maintain a school environment that strives to adhere to environmentally sustainable principles (such as reduction of material use, upcycling and recycling)
  • organise and invite children to take part in regular wildlife and nature activities such as wildlife walks
  • maintain a communal school garden and wildlife garden that we encourage our students to take part in maintaining, including inclusive play and use as a way to learn more about nature and natural cycles

School recycling area: the students decide what types of rubbish should go where, and also look for items that could be reused.