Thank you for donating!!!

With a happy heart that we can now announce our school crowdfunding campaign is officially finished! We can’t thank you enough for all your help and support! We still have a few more donations coming in but so far you’ve helped us to raise an incredible £3151!!!

This was thanks to,

1) £333 from thanks to the 27 donors who supported to our Indonesian crowdfunding campaign with

2) £595 from Liquid Bar&Kitchen thanks to our incredible friends at the local Yogyakarta entertainment venue who let the SGM team loose to run a nightly collection there between the 1st – 10th March 2018

3) £2222 from thanks to the 22 incredible donors who supported our international crowdfunding campaign

We’re so excited by what we will now be able to achieve for our school. As we are such a small organisation, it will take us some time to put things into motion, but our top priorities for the coming term will include:

1) Repairs and renovations of our leaking and unstable roof, updating our electrics, improving facilities for our long-term volunteers to live at the school and adding new books and teaching materials.

2) Making ourselves financially independent. It’s great to have friends and supporters like you who can help us when we need it, but in order to ensure the best for our students’ we have to invest in how to make our school financially independent for future generations.

3) Recruiting and training more longterm volunteers and permanent staff members so as to increase and improve our specialised services for our unique community.

4) Expanding and improving our community based disaster risk reduction and mitigation program. Volcanic activity from Merapi earlier this month was a reminder that we need to work harder to improve and expand our current activities in this area.

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