State gangsterism on the slope of Merapi

Probably most of you aren’t aware of how the Merapi Lava Tours and tourism area actually began. This tourism industry and type of tour started naturally, by the existence of the policy regarding the area prone to Disasters (KRB) set the Government and included some neighbourhoods And makes the impact to the restriction of activities and also changes the economic resources of the community.

In the days before the onset of the eruption 2010 many people who work as cattle farmers, but the post eruption in 2010 with relokasinya citizens to share a fixed residential location is a little far to the South (outside the region in the set as KRB 3), many citizens who lost their livelihood at the time. Along with this many visitors who gradually came to see the impact of the eruption itself taking casualties as much as 394 inhabitants. At the start of their service, tour guide and Jeep tours by local people.

Since that time the lava tours tour rapidly And became one of the main tourist destinations in Yogykakarta in General and Sleman Regency in particular. However the tourism development is not without obstacles. With the presence of government regulations regarding the impact the KRB to the lack of assistance from the other parties in the development of tourism around the slopes of Merapi. The Government could not help the development of tourism around the slopes of merapi. The absence of such assistance citizens about the push for more independent in developing the potential of his village. Public facility supporting tourism lava tour which is an absolute necessity in the wake of the start in self help and self help. In the absence of Government in the process of making the public more aware of and more have a strong sense of community.

Over his time walking tour of merapi lava then becomes the spotlight of local government. At the beginning of his jeep tours, taxi and all tourist activities in the region are considered illegal and dangerous by the Government (the region of The Disaster-prone Region in the entry level 3). In a couple of weeks in wacanakan will be taken over by the village and district (Government) That as long as it is managed by the local people And makes. The gate entrance portal is. The main income makes in hide, guard post parking vehicles on eliminate, by reason of avoiding pungli (wild collection) instead of local government through the village chief picked up the pass and take a few percent as expenses levy to the Government. Makes the income that is used as the only income to build and repair public facilities were taken over by the village and local governments (counties).

However the position of the society that legally could not do much weakened. Protests conducted citizen driving tourism only considered wind then. Until then the ongoing protest in merapi lava tour. Hope the good Government of the village or district can dialogue with more humane Manner with people who struggled from the start to build and raise merapi lava tour tour. Warm regards, Merapi volcano School

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