Testimonial by Retno Manggaharti

Testimonial by Retno Manggaharti SGM volunteer in March-September 2016

From March until September 2016 we really was awarded with the arrival of Ya Retno, a Bachelor of Psychology from the UII.

Ya Retno joined our school during the development of a very critical and for six months when he’s here plenty of help the development process and achieving a lot of extraordinary things. From the start, the founder of the school, library, teacher, mentor and big brother to all his disciples and also a good friend of ours. I think there are not many people who can work while encountering various difficulties here, and all that could be overcome by Ya Retno bersenyum, while continuing to wait and be happy always. These are the people who are truly extraordinary. We are very fortunate and will miss this man always. Good luck with your new adventure!

The following are the testimonials written by Ya Retno about his experiences when he lived in Merapi and help at school of Mount Merapi:

“Nothing is a coincidence. That’s what I think now. That I have ever been a part of Mount Merapi’s School and it was one of the amazing things in my life. My primary goal when it was learned the language of the United Kingdom in order to achieve IELTS score 6.5 biar dapet scholarship abroad so. I got the recommendation directly from brother at university level that there was a friend of his who the original United Kingdom and people willing to teach me the language of United Kingdom free of charge. A very seductive offer! and of course I was immediately mengiyakan. But earlier, the brother of my level is already prompting – prompt me so willing roughing. There skimpy paced, he said. I thought, no problem, anyway I also mount. Not how long hose, I contacted my brother friend level, that I am interested in learning the language of the United Kingdom and all AIDS – AIDS at school. They (Mas dawn and Ya Yasmin) welcome once, but their previous berkali kali – confirms that there were minimal facilities, and whether I agree with the minimal facilities? Hahaha they do not know if I also often ran out of water and bathe in a small time, my time is a tough girl from the village. Hahaha. Arrived there, after tanya and accompanied by 2 ya – beautiful, Ya Ya and Ya Pani Ulfa, finally I found the House dawn and Mas Ya Yasmin. That time I myself hesitate, I see there’s a sharp toothed Brown creatures are leyeh leyeh – in front of the House. I really am afraid of dogs, the reluctant once tapped home, thoughts – negative thoughts are already circling my brain. But luckily, ya Yasmin immediately come out and meet us. We chatted briefly, and Ya Yasmin invites us to school. After a long time there, I finally know “Potato” is a very sweet dog, and jail. But he’s also my bodyguard and yasmin when ya get home the night of the school or wherever, you’re cool once Potato. I love you. But unfortunately Potato must immediately leave us because it got hit by a car, even a sniffle I cried – sedu when we bury it, we wish you quiet there Potato sweetheart. And it turns out that life there fair weight, not too heavy anyway, but not lightweight as well as my mind. Two big problems, water and cold. Although I am not an avid people shower, but the water is an important part of my life. While it was there just no rain water, for bathing, washing, and clean – clean, first – tama I reluctantly showered with cold water, but long – long accustomed too, pretty than not bathe at all, and that its use should be super efficient, a bucket for a bathroom once. Nor did it ever rain within days – day, be my passenger baths and wash place neighbor (thanks a lot Ya Surami and Ya Wi top kindness you guys). And when it dawned on me why rain is defined as a blessing. God most Good Yes still rained on Earth in Indonesia? The second issue I think is cool, the first time the night there, then I sleep even wore jackets and blankets 3 layers, there are super cool. But long also accustomed, it’s human beings most in super adaptable, so everything will be fine – just fine. I believe it is. First in school, my heart was not particularly animates. Although I love children but it is important that background in teaching, and I understand that I am a lay about it. Ya Yasmin kiss my gelagat, and ultimately invite I joined to fill the class, then I hold the “Homework Club” class to work on HOMEWORK (Homework). And after that I started to understand how the characters Ya Yasmin which is patient and high integrity in teaching. He taught me how the system of teaching in the United Kingdom, the very science of wow. The one that I got was, planning is important in teaching it. Want to be brought as a class we later? Ya Yasmin emphasized that planning must detail every minute of it. True – true detail. For example: first 10 minutes of the opening and introduction of grateful – grateful the next games, 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 5 minutes material cover. Ya Yasmin usually closes the class 5 minutes before class ended for the preparation of the next class. And before that we have to have a plan A, B, C to anticipate if one does not according to plan, and the most important is the target. Ya Yasmin again emphasized that the targets we are Students, not our personal interests. And after the handle “Homework Class” I am aware that teaching isn’t as easy as I imagined. The second class I is the class handles reading, I started to apply the theory of teaching being delivered back Ya Yasmin. I sometimes start to discuss about some kids who have trouble reading, and Ya Yasmin proposes to start it early on. Be I have 3 children – the cutest boy in the class read, that each of them has different properties. Wow, cool once the mother – the mother of a KINDERGARTEN teacher super wait it.


The challenge of course is different to my previous classes, this class I required more active, creative, and my senses sharp to convince me that they understand the material. Ya yasmin often helps by giving input – input and teaches that how menakjubkannya human brain, and how people can read and write is a mystery, and every human being represents the different methods – in order to achieve different levels of proficient reading and writing. I remember once, one of our busiest days were when preparing the library. The time of Ramadan. We have about 600 books from the hamlet of Pangukrejo library needs disampul and categorized. Ya Yasmin that perfectionist so he was right – the right detail, therefore for the Setup and design of class library, ya Yasmin right – right to prepare him in detail and all out, ya Yasmin categorize every book based on an international standard which has number bejibun. And Ya Yasmin true – true checks every number and category for each book. My two thumbs up for ya yasmin. As well as for the cover of our book helped the angels books (thanks a lot Mas Arif, et al). After school, we got the kindness of various parties, be we have lots of toys, YEAY!!! Seeing as I was a kid, I loved to invite pupils to play football and other games, hahaha. And it is the most effective approach to their age bracket, invite them to play. Laughing and playing is the most amazing thing in the world. The experience will not be forgotten, along with Yasmin and Ya Mas Morning taught me the meaning of simple, striving, heartfelt, togetherness, and the real meaning of happiness. Thanks a lot for an invaluable experience. And for all of them, I missed you guys. I love You All, Saranghae. Muach. ”


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